Wednesday, September 3, 2014

sourland spectacular: team pfw

This Saturday is the Sourland Spectacular, a ride to benefit the Sourland Conservancy. Weather permitting*, I'm leading a team at a mid-B pace on the metric century route. Any Freewheeler who is registered for the ride is welcome to ride with us. Directions and parking info here; register at this link.

I'll be leaving at 7:20 am. This will give people time for day-of registration, and still get us off early enough to get back in time for lunch (which promises to be excellent).

I have a number of people registered for the team; I'll be sending out an email to them with the info and a link to this post. I'll also link it from the Freewheelers Facebook page. If you come out, look for my battered black Prius, or my no-name titanium bike (no logos on the frame or the wheels; how many bikes do you see like that?). I'll also have a bandanna hanging from the bike saddle.

*If the weather is awful, I still expect to be at the start... but I may not go, or I may not do the metric century route. We'll discuss at the time... if the weather demands.

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