Saturday, September 20, 2014

mcbride ride 2014: paved with good intentions

Laura OLPH's blog post read:
The Ride for McBride is this Saturday, September 20.  I will be leading a team of FreeWheelers on the 50-mile route starting at 8:00 a.m.  I plan to keep an honest strong B pace; in other words, we'll probably average in the high 16 mph range.  Those who wish to go faster should go faster without us.

Well, that was the plan. But as you can see from my RideWithGPS upload, we came in a little faster than that. Since it wasn't a Freewheeler ride, we don't feel too guilty about the speed...

It was a glorious day, and we had a number of riders, most of whom were in good shape and were, shall we say, showin' off today.

Lots of pics, I'll put a few below; all of them (including these) are on my McBride Ride 2014 Photobucket Album. (Tomorrow, Laura's leading a completely different kind of ride; we're going to visit some of the oxen in the Hopewell Stampede!)

Starting up:

We got there early, and the guy hadn't been there to unlock the gate. The resourceful vandals took out a piece of the PVC pipe fence to let us in to park. In this pic, you can see the locked chain to the left, and the open section of fence to the right behind my bike.

Haven't seen Chris in AGES!

He hasn't changed much, has he?

Below: The Excellent Wife (TEW) came and did the 25-mile ride. Sue M (above) joined her for part of the way.

See the rest of the pics in the Photobucket album.

After the ride, I set up clipless pedals and shoes for TEW, replaced her brake shoes (she had cheesey brake shoes; watch a subsequent post for info on those, and on something else that's a Thing that Works), and changed out my rear tire and wheel. Marco B noticed my rear tire was low; I got home on it OK, but there was a gash in the tire, so I replaced it (about 3400 miles on it, but it was gashed down to fabric in two places and showing wear). I also put on the all-cross-3 rear wheel. If we're doing hills in Hunterdon tomorrow, I don't want to risk the radial left rear wheel. Yeah, it SHOULD be fine, but...

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  1. My average was significantly lower than that. Just sayin', since y'all decided that it was my fault.