Sunday, September 28, 2014

nbbx new brunswick bike exchange ride 9-28

As you might see for the previous post, I almost forgot to post at all about the New Brunswick Bike Exchange ride for today, what with The Excellent Wife (TEW) going away and The Excellent Father-In-Law being ill. But when I checked the Bike Exchange Facebook Page, I saw that several people had signed up to come. Some of them, and some others, actually did!

Seven of us, including me, to start. They're mostly (though not all) students at the Bloustein School. The Bike Exchange was a pet project of a Bloustein student a few years ago, and the students have kept up interest.

I promised a no-drop ride, which is actually easier than the D-rated ride I used to do when I advertised this as a co-hosted ride with the Princeton Freewheelers. On a no-drop ride, we can let speed demons go ahead and wait at the turns, and slower folks can catch up at their leisure. We only had one leave, and he had a prior appointment.

We did this route. Not too demanding, but still with enough hills that the flatlanders were disconcerted. Aah, it's good for 'em!

We stopped at the Better World Market, a cafe and local-produce store that's a project of Elijah's Promise (go check out the link; they are hugely cool). I learned today of a lunch stop in a church in Highland Park called the Better World Cafe which is a pay-what-you-can place; they're only open for weekday lunches, but I may have to go check 'em out.

Addendum: I promised Nick I'd include links to the handlebar mirror and helmet mirror I use.

Pictures! They're a good-lookin' crew, ain't they? Lucky none of the pictures include me. We got a group shot with me in it, but it's not showin' up in THIS blog! Outside the Bike Exchange at the start:

On the road. Some of those over-the-shoulder shots just don't work.

At Better World:

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