Sunday, September 7, 2014

b ride with an equine flavor

OK. Sourland Spectacular yesterday; I'm DONE with hills for a bit. I wanted a flat B ride. Laura OLPH and I considered going on Wotton's ride, but he's been going way too fast (did his group really average 19.4 last week or two? It couldn't be, could it? And if it was, how is that a B ride?). But Winter Larry had one in the book for today, so that's what I decided to do.

As did Laura, Jeff R, Eddy, and Vincent (whom I know little, and who mostly does mountain biking). The six of us (including me and Winter Larry) did this route (well, kinda; that includes my extra miles to and from Plainsboro before and after the ride). Eddy went off on the way down, leaving the rest of us.

Larry had planned on going to see the Russian churches in Cassville, but the stop he likes to use is open unreliably, so we went to a Quikchek instead. On the way down, Larry and Laura stopped to see a corral where there's a white horse; I misremember where it is but Larry sops to look frequently. I don't give a hang about the horse, but I did get a picture of Larry and Laura gawking.

On to the Quikchek, where I saw two gals come in on cruisers, one of which was the best lime green. Theye eyed me with suspicion when I asked to get pics of the bikes (not unreasonably, I suppose), but lightened up when it became clear I wasn't about to make fun of them. Hey, anybody who's riding is doing better than the folks on the couch playing the new Sims game.

Then back. On the way back we had a bit of headwind (that had been a tailwind on the way down, about which we didn't complain [or even notice much; I find tailwinds just make me think. "I'm unusually fast today!", while headwinds make me use language that would have gotten my mouth washed out with soap fifty years ago]). We passed another corral with a white horse, and around the corner from that was another corral with a young mule. Or donkey, maybe, I don't know. Cute, though.

Pics. At the start:

On the road:

Laura and Larry, uh, appreciating the white horse:

The cruisers:

The donkey (mule?)

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