Wednesday, October 22, 2014

nbbx ride sunday 10/26

This Sunday beginning at 10, we'll do a ride from the parking lot by the Blackwells Mills Canal House (mountain bike riders will know it as the beginning of the trail at Six Mile Run). We'll take the D&R Canal Towpath down to 518, and then go by road to the Main St Cafe in Kingston. And then we'll go back.

If you click on the link in the previous paragraph, the lot is the short road extension pointing to the right just below the Canal House.

As usual, no attitudes, lots of stops, nobody dropped, and a minimum of speeches. This will be a slow, social ride; if you can keep the bike upright for the (roughly) 17 miles, you can do the ride. I expect about 2 hours of riding time, plus stops. (I'll have just done a long ride on a similar path the day before, so I'll be in no shape to be speedy!) Helmets will be required. This ride is an activity of the New Brunswick Bike Exchange.

Alex B tells me that the towpath surface is good enough to ride on. I'm counting on him to be right.

The Main St Cafe is one of The Excellent Wife's (TEW) favorite coffee stops, and their baking is good, too (and there's usually a chili that's not to be despised).

At this point, weather looks good. I'll post any changes by about 7:00 that morning. Hope to see you there.

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