Sunday, October 5, 2014

scenic penna hills with tom h

I just have not gotten it together to go on one of Tom H's rides for months. I like his rides (they're usually pretty, hilly, and not too fast) and I like the people that go on them. He advertised his "Scenic Hills of Pennsylvania" ride for yesterday, but rains conflicted, so he moved it to today. It was a pretty day, if cool (two layers on top and tights were almost not enough for me), and it was a pretty ride.

We hit enough of the hills to make Tom's description accurate on this route, including a hill on Callowhill in Perkasie that was a particular nemesis on a previous ride (lost control of the bike and went across some traffic lanes), but I had no problem and was able to keep the front wheel down today. It was a beautiful, clear day, and when we stopped at the dam at Peace Park, Laura OLPH and I took pictures of the birds holding court atop one of the buildings (we also saw what Joe M called a blue heron; see the pics).

We stopped at a great coffee place of which I got neither names nor pictures; I hope Laura will enlighten me in her post.

On the way back, Barry's chain broke and fell out, lying like a steampunk snake on the road. We fixed it with a replacement link and a multi-tool that includes a chain tool. Despite the fact that it was a 10-speed link in an 11-speed chain, and the fact that the chain was a bit short to begin with, we all made it back. No speed records were broken today, but it was a beautiful ride with people I like.

Pics. At the start:

Dratted camera strap!

Above, Marco is making sure Jack doesn't cut him out of the picture!

Below: at Peace Park:

Above, Joe passes the heron. Below, the heron is relieved that we're going away.

What's on top of the building at the end of the jetty (or whatever it is)?

How many birds?

After the fixed chain, above. Below, at the pedestrian bridge at Lumberton.

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  1. It must be a Blue Heron day. I just saw one in my community about an hour ago.