Sunday, October 26, 2014

nbbx ride to main st cafe

Today was the group ride for the New Brunswick Bike Exchange, which is going to become a monthly thing. We did a ride from Blackwells Mills down to the Main Street Cafe and back, on the towpath down to 518 (volunteer Alex B said the path was in good enough shape that it could be managed with road bike tires [and he was right]), then on the road. It was an uneventful ride, a pretty ride on a pretty day. The Excellent Wife (TEW) came along for support, and we had one newbie, Nelson, who's not a volunteer and hwo hasn't been on the rides before, but I'd met all the rest of the riders.

My route includes some extra miles I did, riding from home to the start, then up to Millstone to see if the little store there is open on Sundays (it's not), and my ride home after the group ride. Not a fast ride, but the group appeared to have fun and we all stayed together. Next month, the ride will be on a Saturday, as my Sundays have filled up.

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