Saturday, January 3, 2015

bike calendars for 2015

Each year, I make up a calendar for myself to keep track of mileage on the bike; last year, I did one for hours on the bike, too. Last year, I posted a link on the Freewheelers Facebook Page to the one I made up, and someone replied with a sheet that could be edited for any year, full of macros and computer niftyness that I don't have the skills for... but I can't find that one now, and I didn't see a link to it on the Freewheeler web page (it may be there, but the page is so complicated that it's hard to find stuff).

So I made the calendar again this morning (editing from one year to the next is the work of a few minutes), and I'm making it available. It sums weekly, and year-to-date. The original is in open format, and is available at the link below:

2015 bike calendar

It opens in Libreoffice, an open-source, free office suite that runs on most of the common operating systems. If you're not familiar with Libreoffice, you should be. (Libreoffice is the open-source successor to Openoffice, which has been bought by Apache.) Libreoffice includes most of the programs that another, more common, expensive office suite uses, and opens documents created in those formats.

Some of you might prefer that format, and you've already spent the bucks on that suite, so I'll also make the document available in that format. But do check out Libreoffice.

2015 bike calendar for Excel

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