Tuesday, January 13, 2015

nbbx ride 1/18/15

As I write this, the Sunday weather is iffy... but if it looks like it's going to hold through about 1:30-2:00, I'll lead a ride from the New Brunswick Bike Exchange* on Sunday, 1/18, starting at 10. We'll start from the Sandford Street side of PRAB at 90 Jersey Ave in New Brunswick.

*No link; site's down.

We'll do the usual route: about 16 miles, at a leisurely pace, through New Brunswick, Franklin, and North Brunswick. There will be a couple of long, little-used roads to get your speed on, if you want, but we'll all join at stops and turns. Lots of stops, nobody dropped.

Helmets required. I probably won't have the car (I keep extra helmets in it), so bring your own.

We'll stop at Better World Cafe for coffee (they have sandwiches & cookies, too, and wifi). I expect to be done by 12:30-1:00.

If the weather IS iffy, watch this post; I'll update by early Sunday if I'm cancelling. If you don't see anything, I'm going... and if I'm all alone, I'll do a different route.

Edit Jan 16 4:22 am: Not lookin' good. You should probably plan something else...

Edit Jan 17 5:16 pm: Bag this; weather's too iffy. "A foolish consistency..." Go do something else, and we'll try again around President's Day.

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