Thursday, January 8, 2015

made for her

I've had a link to Dave Moulton's Bike Blog over there on the right in my links list for years. He's got an article about Designing Bikes for Women over on his site now. It's good about basic frame design, but the best part for me was the picture above of racer Maggie Thompson on a bike he made for her.

He changed the seat tube angle from the common-for-the-time 73o to a much more upright 77o on one bike, and 76o on the one in the picture above.The result was a bike on which, she said, "I found I could breathe."

I have less and less patience with latest-and-greatest technological whiz-bangery. I think what nails me about that picture above is the woman's smile. And it's just because she's on a good bike that fits.

(He built bike frames for decades, and has little patience for women's-specific frames. Go read the article.)

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