Thursday, January 1, 2015

donation plan for 2015

So as usually happens early on January 1, I've been taking care of some financial stuff that can't happen until the year turns. One of the things I do is set up a donation plan for the year (we started doing this when we heard that regular churchgoers give more than others, but it turns out that much of those donations are to the church, so I;m not sure that counts...).

Our plan for 2015 includes:

  • January: WHYY (because we listen all the time, either over the air or by podcast; as soon as I wrap up this post, I'll head over there and put in the credit card)
  • March: USO (because although we don't always support what the troops are sent to do, we can still support the troopers themselves)
  • April: Human Rights Campaign (until gay marriage is legal everywhere)
  • May: PICO Network community organizers (during Obama's first term, there was a fraudulent attack on ACORN which caused it to close; I have been donating to community organizers ever since)
  • June: People for the American Way (because equality and justice are just as important to the American way as freedom; if you don't have justice, you won't HAVE freedom)
  • July: ACLU (because, as Michael Douglas said in The American President, they fight for the constitution every day)
  • September, October; November: not set; allowed for donations during the year. In 2014, these included the MS ride (two donations), American Heart, HomeFront, and others.
  • December: Philadelphia Museum of Art (membership for 2016)
We also give to Princeton Friends Meeting.

My concern is that if I don't make a plan, I won't actually make the donations. What do you do about donating? Is it a regular part of your financial plan?

(FWIW, it makes us feel wealthy to donate to causes in which we believe...)

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