Monday, January 18, 2016

cold, snow flurries ride

It's a fairly sure sign that I don't now what to put in a ride-report post when Laura OLPH gets hers up before I do (although she has hot news about a very nifty Colnago frame, with fluted tubings and filigree in the bottom bracket). Her ride was supposed to go on Saturday, but rain threatened, so she moved to to Sunday, and the worst thing we had to deal with was 34°F (pretty much all day; I don't think the temp moved from there).

As she usually does, she offered extra miles from her house, and as I usually do, I met her there, as did Snakehead and Peter. The four of us rolled over to the official start at the Pennington Admin Building, where we saw...

...well, nobody.

So off we rolled. Laura bent our ears about how she wants to build up the new Colnago, and there was an ongoing theme of snot jokes, as we did this route. Demanding climbs around Harbourton and up Lindbergh (yes, I miss Peacock's, and yes, once again I missed the Lindbergh mansion).

There WAS this balloon, but I haven't got the hang of the camera (or maybe the camera's just not good with distance); see Laura's blog for a good picture.

Snakehead had lent me a pannier bag to see how I liked it (the Krakow Monster now sports the fenders I took off the old hybrid; with the rack and the pannier, I think it's becoming the bike equivalent of a Volvo station wagon). When we stopped at the Brick Farm Market in Hopewell, he loaded it up with supplies (cheeses, and I think a baguette). And now I'm finally ready to admit that weight can slow me down on an uphill... but it takes pounds, not grams. Still, the pannier is marvellously useful and not intrusive when I'm not takin' home the groceries; Snakehead let me take it home for a while, and I wouldn't be surprised if I invested in one.

I'm stickin' to my earlier statement; if I could only have one bike, it would be the monster; it does pretty much everything. (I've also put new pedals on; they're SPD on one side and flat with traction spikes on the other. I really like 'em.)

The bikes at the Brick Farm Market:

What, nobody else rode in?

Laura saved a bit of annoyance on Province Line Road for the end, just 'cause she could; we were cold, but not cold enough to cut the route short. And I could have sworn I saw snowflakes, a suspicion that was confirmed when we had flurries for most of the last several miles.

I'm glad I went. I'm not interested in going out today, when the high is supposed to be about 27°F, thanks; I'll find something else to do today... probably indoor stuff. How 'bout you?

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