Saturday, January 23, 2016

snowy saturday thoughts

It's wicked snowy out there; we've already been out to get some of the snow off the cars (the Excellent Wife [TEW] has gone back out for another go-round, but I'm letting my back rest a bit; I don't have the mobility of a person her age, as well as having picked a parent who used a back brace, on and off, for the last four decades of his life). No bike ride this weekend. I'd ordered a new 46-tooth chainring to mount on Il Maserati Giallo, but the USPS site says it's stuck in Salt Lake City (despite the promise of delivery yesterday), so there's not much bike maintenance can go on, either (besides, the garage is 42°F).

I mentioned at work this week that I make myself 24 oz. of coffee every day in a percolator, and my coworker (a smidge more than half my age) asked what a percolator was; he'd heard of one in a song about coffee. Sheesh.

We also have a selection of cast-iron cookware; I figure by summer we'll be having historical tours in our kitchen. "See? That's the way they used to do it. And see that frypan? Just like the one in that Fried Green Tomatoes movie, right?"

Anyway, I plan to get out again to do some more shoveling in a couple hours. What are youse-all doing on this hunkering-down day?


  1. After spending time on the trainer on the back porch (a.k.a. hub and bracket destruction), I'll either set about building some wheels or chicken out and clean the house instead.