Saturday, January 9, 2016

got rained on in january ride

After a flurry of emails with Snakehead and some of his professor pals (mostly about how they don't get on bikes in months with the letter "R" in them, or something), we agreed to meetup on the Saturday morning ride from Kim's Bikes; Snakehead and a couple others would pick up the ride on the usual route as we went through Johnson Park in Piscataway.

So after my morning bagel, I rode up to Kim's and me Francisco and two others (they told me Fray, a mountain of a guy, has lost 60 lbs.! Good for him! I hope to be able to tell him myself, soon.)

We took the usual route over towards Johnson Park, but instead of a couple others, there were eight! So we were a dozen, many of 'em fast young guys (hey, almost everybody's younger than I am), and Snakehead and me.

We took the usual turns through Bound Brook, then through Colonial Park, and took a break on the other side of the park.

That fellow in the white Volga jersey. above, is Zach; he's back from four years in Belgium, were he rode with a team. He's more often a runner, but there's not much wrong with the way he handles a bike. We got to talking a bit.

Snakehead and I decided not to go back up Route 27 with the guys; we were debating whether we were going to climb Coppermine with 'em or not. At the stop at Six Mile, the discussion spread from us to some of the others.

It must have been contagious, because at the top of Coppermine, instead of heading back up 27, we pretty much all went down Old Georgetown (WHEE!); some went on to Princeton, some went back up Canal towards Kim's. Ed and I repaired to the Main St Cafe for coffee and empty calories, and when we got back out, the occasional drizzle had turned into a steady drizzle. Ed pointed out one of his favorite church signs, the Korean Love Life Presbyterian Church in Kingston (in teh second picture below, you can barely see the "Feed Truck" sign on the truck, which we thought was a happy juxtaposition with the "Love Life" church sign).

By then, the drizzle had turned to rain; instead of pondering more peregrinations, we headed for home. I enjoyed a long shower and am now a few minutes away from a post-ride nap.

Route page on RideWithGPS.

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