Thursday, October 24, 2019

self-pity party

Oh, doodies. The two Sundays on which I could lead rides this month are both rainy; on the decent Sundays, we have other stuff planned.

I had hoped to lead a C+ ride this Sunday, but it doesn't look like the weather is cooperating.

Oh, well. Philly Bike Expo is next weekend. I won't get a ride in that weekend, but I plan to go to the Expo. There are three vendors I especially want to check out, and I hope to get better pictures than last year.

I may even get out without having to take out another mortgage*.

*The Excellent Wife (TEW) has told me that if I get another bike, I have to buy another house with a three-car garage and a better kitchen. So I'm not really kidding about the mortgage.

I'm especially cranky about the rainy Sundays, though.

The three vendors I want to check out? Well, these security ties, and these knock-offs of those Gevenalle shifters that I use (because the knock-offs might be utter crap)... and I prepaid for this saddle a year ago. They've just started shipping, and my order wasn't among the first set of shipments, nor among the second. I'm planning to go and display my ire in public.

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