Monday, June 11, 2012

more neat gadgetry

Dave C forwards me the weekly email from Gizmag every now and then, and I pot the stuff that catches my fancy, especially if it's bicycle-related. One of these is, one is more motorcycle-related, and one I just thought was cool, perhaps because two of my nephews were into the skateboard culture in the past.

The first is this Gnarboard, a 3.4kW electric skateboard. It's got enough power to do the cool stuff that skateboarders want to do. At $6100, it's probably beyond the means of many of the semi-outlaw teen skateboarders who might want one... but it's cool. Too cool for me, I'm sure; I'd never be able to balance on it.

Now the bicycle thng: I'm a sucker for bike tools, especially cool bike tools. And this is a cool concept:

It's a bike mini-tool that stores inside the handlebars. It includes a number of the standard hex wrenches that seem ot work everything on a modern bicycle. It doesn't include a chain tool or spoke wrench, as far as I can see... but it might allow you to use a smaller seat bag, or eliminate it completely. Check it out.

A motorized mono-wheel, from 1910. Enough said.

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