Sunday, March 6, 2016

all about me

When you're the son-in-law, and the father-in-law dies, and he's got four daughters and a wife who survive him, and it's the first few days after the death and all kinds of arrangements need to be made... well, when all that happens, one of the things you have to keep clear is that it's not all about you. Even if you got along with the deceased father-in-law famously, and miss him yourself (and expect to miss him more as time goes on), it's not all about you.

But sometimes you need to make time for yourself, even in the midst of these responsibilities. The Excellent Wife (TEW) let me know that I'd be able to get a ride in today without her feeling completely abandoned. I didn't feel up to any of the advertised club rides, so I emailed a couple of folks about their plans, and Snakehead got back to me about a couple of possibilities, and invited a few of his crew. Some were recuperating from other exertions, and others intended to remain places where they could keep warm (and probably horizontal), but Rick G came out to Six Mile for our 9am start.

We did this route. A bit of hilliness in the middle, but not too much, not too long, not too long of a break. We had to stop a few times for wardrobe adjustments (it was too cold for one person's gear, and too warm for another's); here we are at the Griggstown causeway:

... and the park at 602 & Hollow.

We talked about doing some tough hills, but none of us really wanted to work that hard. Instead, we bobbled around, and came down into Hopewell to the Brick, where we had a break of reasonable duration, and split a too-big tart of some kind (the remainder came home with me in a pannier, that I will definitely replace when I return it to Snakehead, from whom it appears to be on extended loan).

(I think that fogginess on the pics s from sweating onto the camera in my pocket. I gotta keep it in the case.)

This ride was what I needed today. The funeral will be this week, and I'll have to go back to the background for those proceedings... but today was about me.

Hope your weekend is going better than mine was.

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