Wednesday, July 12, 2017

joe leads team social security

I'm back to working the occasional weekend day, for which I get a day off during the week. Most of my fellow staffers take Friday if they're working Saturday, or Monday if they're working Sunday. But I got into the habit of riding with Team Social Security on Wednesdays from Allentown, so I take Wednesdays. It happens that today was one of the Wednesdays (through a fluke of scheduling, it happens that next Wednesday is off, too).

Now, the proverb goes that the man with one watch knows the time; the man with two watches is never sure. I check four weather sites, and I never know what the weather is going to be. Some were calling for storms this morning, so I didn't put in extra miles from Etra... but I did show up a Byron Johnson park in time to chat with Princeton Freewheeler president Ira S (who led a C ride), and to join up with Joe M on the C+ ride.

Above: The Krakow Monster is over 10 lbs. heavier than the Yellow Maserati, but I like it for these rides; with the relaxed position and the downtube shifters, it helps me resist the urge to push the pace or run back to the parking lot at the end.

Below, on the ride:

Note the threatening skies. Sheesh.

We stopped at Roy's, and returned through the Assunpink, where I got all bollixed up: almost always, when I'm going through the Assunpink, it eans we're on our way to Etra (another popular ride start). But I was with a half-dozen folks, all of whom were parked in Allentown, so I swallowed my misgivings and kept pedaling. After all, as I so frequently say, I can get lost in a bathroom, so who am I to question the navigation?

And, as the route page shows, we DID wind up back in Allentown.

I've been having pump problems; both of my cheapo-cheapo Topeaks are giving me trouble about staying on the valves, filling Schraders, breaking the pins on Presta valves, and whatnot. I decided to stop in at Jimmy Bruno's to see what he's carrying. He's got a couple of models of Bontrager pump; I was initially skeptical because the head uses the same fitting for both Presta and Schrader valves, but it got a good review. I may be shelling out some coin to Jimmy Bruno next week.

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