Thursday, July 13, 2017

blackburn anyvalve: stuff that doesn't work

A few years ago, I bought a couple of Blackburn pumps; I keep one in the garage and one in the car. When the head died on one, I bought a replacement head; I was impressed enough that I bought one to keep in the parts bin, and I wrote this post, listing it under my heading of "stuff that works".

No more.

A week or so ago, the replacement head stopped working. I used the new replacement I had in the bin... and now the pump won't get air into either Presta or Schrader valves. What's more, the other pump, with the original head, has become unreliable.

The heads pop off the valves; they won't depress the pins for Schrader valves (one doesn't work at all, the other doesn't do so dependably); I've broken the heads off Presta valves. I've been pumping my tires for years, so I don't think the problem is either poor technique or limited hand strength.

(As I write this, I note that the part is no longer available. Perhaps they know something?)

I'm looking for new pumps. I dropped in at Bruno's and the Bontrager there got a good review; I'm also looking for another (at this point, I want to try a couple of pump types). I am NOT gonna pay over $200 for a Silca!

I'll probably post my results... but I'm probably done with Blackburn. Feel free to contact me with recommendations.

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