Monday, July 16, 2012

polska cycling team

The Excellent Wife (TEW) got me this Polish team cycling jersey this past Christmas:

I don't like it to sweep in (I have solid-color jerseys, red and orange, for that), and the pockets don't offer much room. Still, I love the graphic, and I like the way it fits; it's my favorite jersey. I was wearing it on yesterday's ride.

Bob W noticed it, and sent me an email saying, "I wanted to send you a picture of the Polska cycling team and their equipment," with the picture below:

I've got two responses:
  1. What kind of equipment do you suppose that is? Carbon fiber? Titanium? Trusty, reliable steel?
  2. THAT is the reason I wear black shorts.
Thanks, Bob!


  1. Don't worry about competition from those guys. Their equipment has all gone numb from so much time in the saddle.

  2. i love this picture if every guy wear this I will be oooo hh