Monday, October 8, 2012

cold columbus day ride

After not freezing on the covered Bridge ride yesterday, I was a bit overambitious and underdressed when I left to do the Old Guy's Ride from Etra today (I was off for Columbus Day). I had tights and two layers of long sleeves, but, at 40° at the start (and not up to 50° until I was on the way home). I really needed another layer. There were a number of times I almost split off and left... but it was a fun ride, and there were some guys I hadn't seen recently, and... oh, balderdash. I didn't leave early because pride wouldn't let me!

The Garmin didn't get quite the whole route; what it got is here, and the only part it didn't get is the last seven-or-so miles from Etra to Cliff H's office block, where I parked to get some extra miles (so add that to the total). Still, even with the miles lost, I'm over 3750 for the year; I should have no problem hitting my goal of 4000.

Ride leader Dennis W apparently was on the fence about whether he would lead, or leave it to his quondam lieutenant Al P. It appears Dennis decided to come at the last minute, and left his helmet home in his haste. Ira had an extra in his car, but the first part of the ride was a stop so Dennis could get his helmet with the mirror!

Then on to Pierre's in South Brunswick, a clean, pleasant stop with food and a bakery. That's close to my home in North Brunswick; at one point, were it not for the fact that the car was in Plainsboro, I might have gone stright to a hot shower and warm clothes.

Then back to Etra. On the way, I was able to point out to Al P a landmark for an alternate route that leaves off the busy Main St/Rte 33 turn in Hightstown. For the guy who is always lost, to be able to point out a turn is an event. I mark this day with a white stone.

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