Thursday, October 18, 2012

pedaling out of the pokey

Some Brazilian prisoners are pedaling their way out of jail, but not in the way you'd think. From this article on Jalopnik:

Inmates in the medium security prison near Santa Rita do Sapucai, a small city a couple hours north of São Paulo, have the option of early release if they spend enough time in the saddle, pedaling to recharge a car battery. Three eight hour shifts equals one day off of a sentence.
I especially love the low-tech approach they take:
It's not a complicated system. The power-generating bikes, donated by the municipal police department from its stock of lost and found bicycles, juice the car battery, which is then driven into town by a guard at sundown and connected to the promenade's 10 street lamps through a converter donated by local businesses. Another guard drives the battery back to the prison in the morning.
Still, this guy does not look very happy:

Maybe he wants drop bars, or a better saddle.

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