Sunday, October 21, 2012


In other news, with today's 20-mile up-Coppermine-Road-and-back-home ride, I've made 4,000 miles for the year. Reasonably quick, too: 17.8mph average, and top speed of 36.4 (I just can't get goin' faster than that down Old Georgetown...). 

Coppermine's got a new paving; if it holds till spring, it might be fun to try coming down Coppermine, which I would not have tried on the moonscape-like road surface it has had up until now.

4,000 miles before the end of October. Even given the light winter, that's not bad for a guy who works full-time and doesn't bike-commute.


  1. Sounds like you Stravaed yourself on this ride...

  2. Remember when we used to just get on our bikes and ride, not worried about speed or distance?

    I think I was twelve.

    Anyway, Jim, I think you have your competitiveness well under control. You keep it in check on group rides and let it out when you're on your own. You get to brag about it here, where it does the least amount of harm.

    As for getting all those miles despite not bike commuting, let me be the first to tell you that all the miles I've racked up this year in 6.8-mile pieces don't add up to more than a few of your weekday Old Guys rides.

    What really matters is that we're having fun, no matter how fast or how far we go.

    Amicitia quam celeritate, and quo debeo agere satis sum too.