Sunday, December 29, 2013

bike calendars for 2014

Some folks just ride. In fact, Grant Peterson at Rivendell Bikes has written a whole book with that as the title (although I think he's a bit of a fraud about it). And if that's what you want to do, fine. As I so frequently say, if it ain't fun, don't bother.

But some of us like to keep track of our miles. I'm one of those. Two years ago, Winter Larry made available a calendar that added up your daily miles and totaled them, and I thought it was such a good idea that I made one up last year. I've done it again, and I'm linking to it for download. (It includes a second calendar page, because I also keep track of hours ridden. I did over seven work-weeks of riding this year.)

It's available in two formats. I use Libreoffice on my computers. It's a free office suite that includes the important stuff that comes with the home version of MS Office: a word processor, a spreadsheet, and a presentation program. Libreoffice will open all of the MS Office formats (although some of the really proprietary stuff doesn't work, but all the usual stuff does), and it will also open loads of less common formats. It does other stuff nicely, too, such as save to .pdf. Libreoffice is free, as in free speech, because a bunch of geeks write the code and look over each other's shoulders to make sure everything plays nicely together, and then they publish the code for anybody else to see... so less likelihood of viruses & malware. It's also free, as in free candy. WOO-HOO! Save yourself the Franklin and download Libreoffice; available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Libreoffice just works.

You can get the Libreoffice version of the calendar here.

If you've already wasted the cash on MS office, you can get the Excel version here. I set up the Excel version in Office 2003 format, because I know not all of you update every new version; it will open in Office 2010 & 2013. Get that version here.

A word on the file hosting: I use Dropbox, where you can upload your files and have them available on every computer that you link to your Dropbox account, so if you have many computers in the family, everybody can have access to the files in the Dropbox folder, and the files automatically update when edited. They also give you a "Public" folder where you can share files for download... for example, on your blog.

Edit: The efficient Elyssa M already had a link to such a thing on the Freewheeler site, and I missed it. Thanks for your efficiency, and sorry for my oversight, Elyssa!

Edit 2: A visitor to the Facebook Page uploaded one that will automatically adjust the year. You can get it on this page of the Freewheeler website.


  1. *Sigh*

    Peer pressure.

    I'd have to keep 3 separate sheets, one for each bike.

    I downloaded it. I stared at it.

    Looks like work.


  2. More logs are listed on the SCU website:
    On your log, you can "protect" the cells that contain the formulas so that they do not accidentally get edited. Look at the SCU log and you will see that you can only select the cells for the days of the week - everything else is locked.