Saturday, December 7, 2013

windy solo ride

Tom H was leading a ride today, but it was only 40 miles and it started way the h-ll down in Bordentown, Burlington County. I was too lazy to pack and drive for that short ride, so instead I did this one, solo through Princeton from home, on a route that Dave H showed me some time ago. It was both hillier than I remembered (over 1600' of climb in the 30 miles; the link goes to RideWithGPS because I think they might be more reliable for elevations) and windier than I was ready for today.

While this wasn't a quick one, it was a good ride for other reasons. First, I saw a few other people out riding today: three on the roads, and a few of the Major Taylors at the Main St Café, which they seem to have adopted as their home base. I chatted a bit with the guys (yes, all guys) on the roads, including shouting a joke at an amused-looking Asian gentleman, older than I, who may have as much English as I have Korean (or whatever he was). When there are this few people out, and you run across 'em, I think you're required by common humanity to share a couple of words with 'em.

The other reason that this was a good ride is that I got into a para-meditative state, and started thinking about stuff like who I need to forgive (or ask forgiveness from), about how there are so many people I don't even know how to talk to, and about a number of my sins; I've either got to give 'em up or make better rationalizations for 'em.

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