Tuesday, December 3, 2013

people in cities smarter

Last month, I posted a bit from a daily email I get about how people in cities are happier and more productive than our rural counterparts. It turns out we're smarter, too:

In the average U.S. county with less than one person per acre, 15.8 percent of adults have college degrees. In the average county with more than two people per acre, 30.6 percent of adults have college degrees.

It confirms a suspicion I've had. As I said in that post, I grew up with the "rural is good, urban is bad" mantra, and it's good to see that real research puts that to the lie.

(The point of the original email, though, is that online interactions don't replace in-person contact. I wasn't sure if that was the case; now I know.)

Here's the link to the archived email. You can sign up for the daily email on that same page.

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