Sunday, December 1, 2013

grueling ride with winter larry

Today's ride was exhausting, for a reason I would not have predicted.

After the ride yesterday, while I wanted to get out, I didn't want to work too hard, and I hoped to see some folks I knew... so I went to Cranbury for Winter Larry's ride (and I didn't add miles; goo thing, too!). We had ten, as you'll see below; one was a leader who had cancelled his own ride for today. When I asked him why, he said that on his slower ride, he often had to wait, and, as it was cold today, he didn't want to freeze while waiting at stops. I was impressed by his honesty!

We had not one, but two recumbents today; Andrew had his, and a newer rider brought one with a full fairing, including a fabric zip-in arrangement around the back. You'll see it in the pictures below, including an inside-the-cockpit shot.

However, one of our number was much slower than the rest. We took turns keeping an eye on that rider, although I did a lot of it, as I had promised Larry I would sweep. I had no idea that going that slow today would be so exhausting. You'll see from the route that Larry decided after part of the way back to simply re-do the route out; he thought that if the one slow rider dropped off the back, the route home would at least be familiar. By the end, though, we took the most direct route we knew, and split into three groups by speed. Larry was good enough to lead the slow rider the last bit by himself; I simply couldn't do it after a while - I was that exhausted. (And I now know I can keep the Yellow Maserati upright on an uphill at 3.6mph.)

Pics below:

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