Sunday, February 16, 2014

more bike fashion

This article on Bikeradar starts:

For a long time there were three options for high quality cycling clothes; plain, eurocentric, or team replica. Unhappy with these core choices, a few Australian designers have decided they would offer something fresh and unique. Using everything from blinding fluorescent colours to animal prints, these small startups are changing the way cyclists dress.

I'm not sure they're going to change the way I dress. Here are some samples from the gallery:

Above: I likes me some pink socks. Below: Camo? I thought part of the reason for the brightly-colored kits were to INCREASE visibility...

In other news, I can see that in order to be taken seriously as a cyclist, I'm going to have to get some tattoos, or grow some interesting facial hair. (Who am I trying to kid? If there were a bicycle version of a button-down collar and khakis, that's what I'd be wearing.)

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