Monday, February 10, 2014

weight loss challenge update 4

Here's where we stand this week:
  • Me: starting 182, last THREE weeks 181; goal under 175.
  • Dave C: start 210.1, last week 210.1, this week 209.9; goal 195.
  • Henry M wrote, "I think I am down a solid one pound in three weeks of semi-starvation."
Not reporting numbers:
  • The Excellent Wife (TEW): down.

I've not heard from Lou O, John D, or Ira S.

I threw a number of hissy fits last week, at least one of which was about my inability to lose weight. New resolutions: no bagels/bread/muffins except on ride days, and buy nothing in the supermarket from the following aisles except as noted: nothing from chips/pretzels (except OK to get nuts),  nothing from cookies/crackers except granola bars, and nothing, nothing, NOTHING from sodas & sweet drinks (that won't be hard; I don't do those things anyway).

I'm eating a bowl of dry popcorn, with pepper (no salt) as I write this.

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