Saturday, November 15, 2014

3:2 hilly ride with vicencio & orlando

I called Kim's yesterday and spoke to Benny, who verified that there would be a ride today; I thought he said for 7:15, so I left early enough to get bagels for breakfast and get to Kim's... but when I got there, the only one I saw was the shivering Orlando:

Shortly thereafter, Vincencio rolled up...

... and announced that we were heading up into the hills. He wasn't sure if Dave was coming, so at about 7:20, we left and began this ride. It wasn't the usual Kim's route; we went up the hill to Watchung (First & Second Mountain). Vincencio gets a kick out of watching me on the hills, and likes the pretty views about as much as Laura OLPH, although he doesn't stop for pictures (and I don't have enough history with him yet to ask to do so). 

We noticed that Orlando was falling behind, and heard some ominous noises that Vincencio initially thought was a bottom bracket, but after a while, Orlando's cogset just fell apart; he could only use the three or so gears in the middle. 

Riding behind him, I could see the larger cogs loose and swinging on the freehub. He called for help, and we limped home to the place where Orlando could get picked up... and then Vincencio and I traded places in the wind, sprinting on the way back to the shop. We weren't really racing (he could leave me in the dust, I'm sure!).

But when I got home, there was a message from Dave saying the group was leaving at 7:30. I wonder if another group went out after we did? I'll have to find out later.

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