Sunday, November 30, 2014

arneytown rd the right way and bridge out with winter larry

After yesterday's cold ride, when I saw 37F on arising this morning, I thought it was a balmy day for a ride. Winter Larry had emailed me during the week asking why he hadn't seen me, so I decided to go on his ride out of Cranbury... but, never willing to leave well enough alone, I parked in Plainsboro and added a few miles before and after. I was early, of course (people who know me won't be surprised), so I kept pedaling, and wound up with 12 miles before I even signed the ride sheet.

Eleven others started, and Larry decided to go do a route that would include Hutchison Rd, which is the extension of the locally-famous Hill Rd. We wound up doing a loop, and passing Hill Rd. Larry told one of the riders that he wanted to do the whole of Arneytown-Hornerstown Rd "the right way", which evidently means taking advantage of the long downhill along the whole stretch.

We stopped at the Dunkin Donuts at 537, at which there was the most engaging father-and-daughter raising money for their athletics; they got a donation from me, and I'm usually pretty tight about this kind of moneyraising.

On the way back, we turned onto (I think) Meirs Rd, despite the "bridge out" signs... but we were able to get through despite the barriers; still, several square yards of roadway had fallen into the stream. Still, no feet got wet.

And just a few yards from the lot, one of the riders threw a flat; he elected to walk the bike back to the car rather than change it!

As we pulled into Cranbury, we came up with John & Jane D. They came to the end with us, and told us about their experiences at the dog shows (you may have seen them on Facebook). Then John and Jane rode with me part of the way back to Cranbury; Marco B came along to where I'd parked.

My results are here (I'm blaming the fact that I was sweeping for the slow pace; that's my story and I'm stickin' to it). If you look at the laps, the first is my ride to Cranbury, then the ride with the group, then the short ride back to Cranbury.

Pics, at the start:

On the road:

At the stop:

The engaging money raisers. This picture doesn't do 'em justice.

Past the bridge that was out:

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