Tuesday, November 4, 2014

because I wanted to know

During the disco era, I went to a college-seminary where I minored in philosophy. One of the bright philosophic lights of the time was Bernard Lonergan, and one of his referents was to "the pure, undifferentiated desire to know", the 'eros' of the mind".

Perhaps with this in mind, I did today's ride from home, up the Coppermine, down Old Georgetown, and back. If you click the linked page and scroll to the bottom, you'll see the splits:
  1. From home to the bottom of Coppermine;
  2. Going up Coppermine;
  3. Going across and down Old Georgetown (yes, my max speed was 34.6; I'm NOT a great descender);
  4. Coming back up Canal Road, until I met The Excellent Wife (TEW), who was also out for a ride;
  5. Chatting with TEW;
  6. After I turned onto Butler Road and started heading home;
  7. Cool down.
I think it's funny that my average chatting with TEW was slower than my average going up Coppermine.

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