Sunday, November 23, 2014

nbbx ride 11/23 report

Last week, I had no idea what kind of weather today would bring, but it came out clear and above 40° at the time I was leaving the house for the ride; it turned out to be a much better day than yesterday. I stopped in to get my breakfast bagels, then rode up to the New Brunswick Bike Exchange to see if anybody was there to ride out...

And there I met Julene, a young lady from the Bloustein School who had come out for the ride. Shortly thereafter, Tom H, one of our regular volunteers (and also a Bloustein student) rolled in. I saw another rider pass the turn for Sandford Street, and in a few minutes, he came rolling up; a lifelong local, Andy didn't know where the PRAB building was until today. So we were four, and left to do what has become my preferred NBBX route (that link includes my rides to and form home, and the average is a bit high because I ride faster when I'm alone).

Andy and I rolled on ahead, while I kept Tom and Julene in my mirror. Andy is a bike advocate who has become disappointed with the way North Brunswick has managed its land use; he's got the possibility of an opportunity in San Francisco, and may move there. We spoke some about bikes, and a lot about bike trails and rights-of-way, land use and misuse, and official inattention. When I told him I intended to travel a short way on Middlebush Road between Bennetts and Skillmans, he decided he didn't want to go that way, and went off on his own, after giving us a spiel about the history of the area. So Tim, Julene, and I proceeded to Better World Market (one of my favorite local stops), where Tom had lunch, and I had a couple or excellent vegan ginger snaps (sharp finish; let the snacker beware!). I waxed rhapsodic about them so eloquently that Tom bought me two more to take home.

The remainder of the route went by Tom's childhood home, and he regaled us with stories of his upbringing. Then to Jersey Ave, and the long slog back up to PRAB. Tom said he could have led back from there, but I let him know that I needed the extra miles; I've been eating as if the holidays are already upon us, so home I rode.

If the weather holds, I'm hoping for another ride in December. We'll keep youse posted.

Pictures. Julene & Tom at the start:

Andy over my shoulder, with Tom & Julene behind:

Andy at Amwell Road. Below that, Tom and Julene crossing Amwell Road.

Andy instructing us.

Tom and Julene being instructed.

Julene has a neat old Raleigh, and Tom has an aluminum-with-carbon-seatstay Trek.

At Better World:

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