Saturday, November 8, 2014

kims ride with extra miles

Even though the temps were barely out of freezing at go time, the guys at Kim's Bikes decided to do their Saturday ride today; the one concession the made was they called for a 7:15 start (that was more like 7:30 by the time Dave Kim got there to actually get us going). I got up early to ride in, and the Daylight Savings clock change means that there was daylight as I was riding in... but there wasn't enough sun to take much of the chill off.

I think they planned to do the usual route, but several of the nine guys who went guys were complaining about the cold, and by the time we got to the Six Mile parking lot on Canal Road at Blackwells Mills, four of 'em, including Dave and Ben, decided to go back (I don't think it helped that the reliable porta-potty at the parking lot there had been removed). But Angel, Orlando, Vincent, and Francisco decided to continue on to Coppermine, then go down Old Georgetown, and nobody complained when I tagged along with them.

Their English ranges from slightly-better-than-my-Spanish to full conversational, but they made efforts to include me (I'm old enough to be the father of a couple of 'em, which may be a factor). They were welcoming, and it was overall a fun ride. When we got to the bottom of Old Georgetown, there was discussion about continuing to the Main St Cafe, but we decided to head back to the store (some of them had to go to work). From there I came home, into a headwind that I'm SURE was not blowing when I was going the other way. I wound up almost bonking and did the last couple of miles at a funereal pace. Here's my results.

Pictures: Waiting to go:

Wait... no porta-potty at Six Mile?

Maybe Yoga will help.

Discussing the plans:

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