Friday, February 20, 2015

delivery from local bike shop (lbs)

I got an email this week that the parts I ordered from my LBS (local bike shop), Kim's, were in. They open at 11; I got there shortly after and had a chat with the excellent Bennie. After hacking out the financial details and making sure everything was there (except for a brake noodle, but see below), Bennie loaded the parts into the back of my Prius (in this 14ºF weather! That's -10º in the civilized world!), and home I went.

The frame, below, had the headset and bottom bracket installed. I asked for the headset installation; the headset-setter is a $130 tool you use once per frame (and I know you can dummy one up out of threaded rod and washers, but if you don't get the headset in perfectly straight, you can have real problems). I removed the bottom bracket when I got home; it would have gotten in the way of putting in the anti-rust Weigle Frame Saver I intend to use.

Above, the frame and fork, still in the travel wrapping (when the weather warms up, I promise to clean up the garage, at least a little). In the boxes, the vee-brakes and the cyclocross bar-top levers I intend to install on the beautiful Nitto B115 lever I'm robbing from the hybrid. You can see these parts better in the pic below:

On the right, one of the bar-top cross levers. The cable can pass through this from the drop-bar lever, so I can brake from either position (my first road bike came with this setup, and I like it so much that I've set up The Excellent Wife's [TEW's] bike with it as well.) On the left, one of the sets of vee-brakes. In the accompanying plastic bag, two noodles for these brakes (included!): one with the slightly-less-than 90º angle for the conventional front brake cabling, and the other with the slightly-more-than 90º angle usually needed in the rear... but I'll use that in the front, too: I cable my bikes so that the right hand controls the front brake (instead of the more-common left-hand-front-brake arrangement), and I'll need that extra angle for the cabling to work smoothly.

TEW is off to Poland next week, as I've said, and I'll start building the wheels and assembling the bike when she's away; I can bring the doings indoors without disrupting her life. (I promise I'll protect the floors!)

Lots of black in this bike, huh?

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