Monday, February 2, 2015

tour de franklin registration

It's a bit dodgy to find - at this writing, the link from the Franklin Food Bank site is "404 not found" - but the registration for the Tour de Franklin is open. (Kudos to friend Dave C, who pointed it out.)

For the past few years, I've led a team of Freewheelers on the 60-mile ride at a "B-ish" pace. I intend to do so again, if the weather holds. I'm registering now; Dave tells me that they are limiting the ride to 660 participants (HAH! I'll bet that's an artificial number to create a false sense of scarcity; I'll bet they got a bit over 600 last year, and figured in a 10% increase. But I digress...)

I'll put up a post on the Freewheeler page about it. If Freewheelers want to do one of the other rides, I'd be grateful if you join my online team anyway; I'll have instructions on how to do that. I've just sent in my registration and the team is not set up yet.

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