Tuesday, February 17, 2015

more parts for the cross check

I got another box of parts that are going into the Cross Check that I'm building. Some of 'em are below:

At top: Who knew? You can buy brake and cable housing in bulk, at about $1 per foot! Those are 25-30' rolls, enough to hold me through several rebuilds of all the bikes. (I asked at Kim's, but Bennie was incredulous that I could get it for that price.)

Bottom right: J. P. Weigle frame saver, for spraying inside and keeping inside rust at bay. The can will do 3-4 bikes, so if somebody's doing a build, I may have some left over.

Bottom left, more bling: polished aluminum skewers from Velo Orange, my favorite neo-retro vendor. (No, my favorite isn't Rivendell Bike, despite the fact that Grant Petersen has been in these posts far more often than Chris at Velo Orange. Petersen is more vocal and colorful a character than Chris, but Chris has lovely stuff; I've spent more money there than at Riv.)

The pic below shows the "VO" logo in the lever end of the skewer.

I like it.

The frame and other parts from Kim's are supposed to be in this week (I have no doubt this dratted snow is interfering). Then, when The Excellent Wife goes off to Poland, I'll build up the wheels and start the bike assembly. It is supposed to keep me out of trouble while she's gone.

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  1. Great! This is getting interesting. I could use some extra long cable and housing for my long bike, I'll have to find a supplier in Australia. Can't wait to see the frame.