Monday, February 16, 2015

how to do everything podcast

I have so had it with being stuck in the house; I'm actually ready to go back to work - but up to six inches of snow are predicted for tonight into tomorrow, and I may not even be able to do that.

When I exercise, I listen to podcasts. Now, NPR has taken to adding a promo to the beginning of each podcast about another podcast that they are promoting, and this morning, I heard a promo for How To Do Everything. It sounded interesting. I downloaded two, and now I'm binge-listening.

It's run by two guys, Mike & Ian, who are tech guys on another NPR show. They take interesting or stupid topics, and get "experts" to offer opinions (for example, they had the lead singer for the group Smashing Pumpkins talk about making pumpkin pie, before going to Paula Deen to get actual useful information). They also have a recurring topic on interesting toilets, and music to listen to while you do whatever you're doing while you listen to the podcast (a woman who counts rings in the bones in fish ears got a few seconds of "Put A Ring On It").

"How To Do Everything" is taking the curse off my enforced idleness. You can put this link in your podcatcher to get it.

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