Friday, May 29, 2015

easy towpath ride with tew

The Excellent Wife (TEW) and I have been off this week; we had hoped to go to Montreal and Quebec, but health crises with both her folks forestalled those plans. Instead, she's been up visiting them, and we've been doing some day trips. Today's was a ride along the D&R canal towpath between Bulls Island and Lambertville (and back).

TEW had done some of this ride with some work friends last weekend, and wanted to do it with me. She'd never seen the walking bridge at Bulls Island.

Much of the ride is just a nice towpath ride: flat, with greenery on either side; you can see either the river or the canal where the greenery breaks up. As you get near Stockton, there's more interest. I'd never seen the Prallsville Mills from the canal side:

Below, a farm from the towpath:

TEW pointed out the bald eagle nest in the tower; you can just see a silhouette of a head towards the right of the nest.

I liked this on an old railroad bridge at Lambertville:

D'ya suppose "Nifti" was somebody's name?

On the way back, we had hoped to stop in the farmer's market in Stockton, which has hours on Friday evenings. Well, while the building was open, most of the stalls were not. But on the way back, TEW remembered that, while we were passing through Hopewell, we'd pass Nomad Pizza, about which we'd heard good things. We stopped, and were not disappointed (but bring cash or checks, no plastic here!).

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