Wednesday, May 13, 2015


I was looking at Dave Moulton's blog today (there's been a link over there on the right for ages), and noticed his links page. There were a few of the usual suspects there (BikeSnobNYC, Fat Cyclist [who's hardly fat anymore, eh?]), and I noticed a link called Retrogrouch.

Well, especially after one of my recent posts, I'm thinkin' I'm fairly retrogrouchy myself, so I checked it out. Of the first four posts I saw, three included a post on a hub making ludicrous (and ungrammatical) claims to increase efficiency, a eulogy on the passing of Jobst Brandt (one of the no-nonsense voices in the bike world; if you think I'm intolerant of new technology, you should read him.... he didn't think you needed more than a six-speed cassette), and a skewering of a theoretically-strong-but-poor-in-practice bottom-bracket technology from Campagnolo (let's face it: Campagnolo is a religion, not unlike Catholicism: people adhere to both for reasons beyond the demonstrable truth of either).

I'm smitten. I'm like a seventh-grader, wanting to pass a note asking, "Do you like me? Check YES or NO". I'm adding his link on the right, and I'm definitely goin' back to his blog.

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