Monday, May 25, 2015

memorial day all paces ride

Today was the Princeton Freewheelers Memorial Day All-Paces ride.

Some of my regular riding companions don't like to do this ride: because it's an all-paces ride, we get a huge number of people, many of whom don't ride frequently, or ride together, so it's hard to predict how they'll ride. Because today was the day that the 2014 leader jerseys were distributed, a couple of those don't-like-the-mob-scene companions came anyway and ducked out early... but I don't think you care much about that.

Ron M, of whom I haven't seen much recently, asked me to sweep for him, and we did this ride with a stop at Stonebridge Bagels. I promised him I'd sweep, and I was surprised at some of the people I was sweeping up... but I don't think you care much about that either.

One of the riders on that ride was a triathlete, with the spiffiest bullet-nose water bottle that sits between her arms on the aero bars:

... but unless you're a bike-gear-and-gadget freak (I am), I don't think you care much about that either...

...or about Chris Cook's very excellent "USA Frog" jersey, which comes out too seldom...

...or about the fact that I met Ed Kanitra, who runs the "Bicycle New Jersey" group on Facebook.

I don't think you care about any of that stuff.

I think what most of youse care about is getting a link to my Princeton Freewheelers 2015 Memorial Day All-Paces Ride Photo Album on Photobucket. Over 40 pics there; have a good time!

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