Friday, July 3, 2015

july 3 all-paces

The usual link to the photo album is below, but I want to tell you a couple of things about the "B" ride I went on that Winter Larry led.

We did this not-quite 40 miles.We started strong, but we weren't far along Gordon Road when we passed a sign that said the road was closed. It was not only closed; it was out - we rolled over mud for maybe a quarter-half mile:

From there, we went to Bordentown, where there's been some construction at the river.

Here's Larry expounding:

Good-lookin' crew, ain't they?

We stopped at a familiar deli in Bordentown.

That guy in the red is Mark. I hadn't met him before, but we had some friendly competition. I hope to see him again; he left at the end before I could chat much with him.

One of the reasons I like to come out to the all-paces rides is that The Excellent Wife (TEW) comes out, too. She's learning clipless pedals, and apparently did pretty well with 'em today. I can never tell if she will like a picture of herself or not, but I like this one:

But what you're REALLY here for, I know, is the link to the 2015 All-Paces Album. Here ya go!

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