Sunday, July 5, 2015

off-the-books kinda-hilly ride with tom h

Tom H had emailed a few of us that he was planning a "sort of hilly" ride for July 4, to which I could not have gone due to family responsibilities. But yesterday's weather was iffy, at best, so Tom sent around an email tat he was moving it to today, and I could do it today (and the start was close enough taht I could ride from home). So I got up early did the pre-ride prep, stopped for my early morning bagels, and found myself at 8:05 or so at the start near 518 and Canal Road (for an 8:30 start). Shortly thereafter, Laura OLPH rolled up:

We weren't either one of us sure we were in the right place until a few more people came, first Blake:

... and then Tom himself.

Cheryl is up from Florida for the summer; she came along (she SAID she was at the All-Paces ride, but  nobody seems to have seen her...)

Snakehead Ed has developed a predilection for colorful socks; here he is showing off the ones he has today.

Not to be outdone, Laura called for a comparison picture.Laura's sock is on the right.

(I wear black low socks; I am not in this league.)

We did this route (the linked page also shows my ride from and to home). As we approached Dutchtown-Zion, Tom announced his intention of going up Grandview... but Snakehead needed his D-Z fix, so he went that way and met us near Hollow. Some on-the-way pics:

(Blake's been complaining of back problems, hence the stretch.)

Maybe on Dunkard Church, Laura saw some cows in the water. She stopped for pictures, so I did, too:

When we got to Sergeantsville, there were a few bikes there already, and more came in. Several riders wore Anchor House jerseys, no doubt preparing for the upcoming ride. (I did it a few years ago. It was a great experience, but I suck at meeting new people in informal ways, so I wouldn't do it again unless I had a team of people I knew who were going.)

Somewhere-or-other on the way back, I was taken by these chickens struttin' around the lawn.

Snakehead and I got a bit off the front of the group and missed a turn going the wrong way on the one-way part of Opossum, but we went back and found it (figures... I can get lost anywhere!). I wound up with about 70 miles for the day, and about 120 for the weekend. Good enough.

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