Friday, July 24, 2015

light from the darkness

In my last post, I was pretty dark about how I was feeling after the termination. But I've had outreaches from many of my excellent friends and (ex-)coworkers, and I have a couple of leads on jobs... and I'm getting some rides in.

I don't post all my rides; I've added a link over there on the right to my RideWithGPS rides page. If you want to see what I've been doing (and either feel superior, if you're faster than I, or feel sorry for yourself if you're not), feel free to click on the link. (I put very little up on the Garmin page nowadays. I had a good reason for that at the time, but it's not like I can remember what it is.)

And in case I haven't made it adequately clear, staying married to TEW was the best decision I ever made. (As for getting married, it's not clear which of us initially made that decision. It's kind of complicated.)

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