Sunday, July 12, 2015

missed the major taylors ride

Vern H, of the Major Taylors club, has been inviting me to ride with them for years (and he's been inviting Laura OLPH as well). It's been going on so long that to continue not to show up would be rude, or worse, so this weekend, Laura and I decided to go and see if we could keep up with 'em. We've gotten on the texting list, and saw that they planned to go out from the Main St Cafe on both Saturday and Sunday, so today Laura and I met at the cafe.

No club members appeared though; we later learned they had changed today's start to the CVS in Plainsboro. Before we learned that, though, we figured that we had time to get to Cranbury to ride with Jeff on the Back-by-Lunch ride that starts at 9. On the way, we stopped at Bagel Street in Plainsboro, where Laura got a refill on her water bottle, and where I got pics of our bikes:

...and of this nifty cruiser ridden in by a woman I got to chatting with. It was her son's bike, and when he hit his teens, they took the fenders off to give it a bit of a cooler look. I think it's great.

We got to Cranbury in plenty of time:

Jeff has a knack for leading; while some of the roads he picked were a bit busy, he kept an eye on people, and we had a good time. We went to a Wawa in (HAH! Like I would know where?):

I didn't really know where we were at all until we got to Applegarth, on what Laura calls the "macho mile", where many of the Cranbury riders know their way back, and show off how fast they can go; often the ride completely breaks up. Before we had a chance to do that, though, Gordon had a flat, and he and Jeff mostly fixed it (I think the reason the fix went so quickly was that only two of them put their noses into it!)

I get lost all the time, so there I was in Cranbury, having to get back to home, on the other side of route 1. The safest way I know is to retrace the route we took from the Main St Cafe to Cranbury, so Laura and I did that (and thank you for the company, Laura). We restored ourselves with sugar and tea, and went ourr separate ways home.

This ride link shows my ride from home, to the Cafe (with a side trip to near Rocky Hill to enjoy a Porta-Potty I know of there), to Cranbury, then the ride from Cranbury, then back to the Cafe, then back to near my home. Nearly an 80-mile day.

I'm sorry I missed the Taylors... but it was a great day.

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