Sunday, July 1, 2018

hot and slow

Despite the fact that I didn't get the notice into the calendar until Friday, six riders came out for my "beat the heat" ride today. I figured that an early, short, not-too-fast ride was a good idea for a day as hot as today was predicted to be, and Ricky, Lynne W, Bill B, Laura OLPH, Prem R, and John W apparently agreed.

 I got junk for pictures, though. Here are some of the least worst:

I offered to let people sprint on Hillsborough Road, and nobody took me up on it (although Bill said it was his kind of road: flat and straight. Perhaps we'll do a Bill B ride, and just go up and down Hillsborough Road a few times, and then repair to Bagel Barn for lies and fellowship. I also offered to let people ride ahead on East Mountain... and they left me in the dust. They spent so much time waiting for me at the other end that Ricky needed to shave again and they were planning to have food delivered.

It's not a particularly hilly route, but all of the hills on it are annoyances. There's the climb from the canal, the too-tall-to-be-rollers on Homestead Road, the hill on East Mountain, and the climb after going the wrong way across the bridge at Opossum, and they were all made worse by the heat. By the time we got to the bagel shop at Princeton North, I decided to hide in the air conditioning for a while.

More poor-quality pictures:

The stop comes about 2/3 the way into this ride (here's the ride page), and once the folks got close to home, they rode on ahead. I'd ridden to the start from home, and told Ricky to let 'em know I'd split off to head to a shower and some junk food. And I almost brought it in at the advertised B pace.

After the shower, The Excellent Wife (TEW) and I went to see The Incredibles 2 movie. I don't know... what did YOU think of it?

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