Wednesday, July 11, 2018

cancelled - ride for july 15 - 42 from blackwells mills

How about this: A visit to Rocky Hill and Princeton, avoiding Mt Lucas; 42 miles. We'll stop at my usual bagelry at about mile 20. Not too much climb. Hill Slug rules apply. Low B, unless the group gets away from me (as they did last time; I was bringin' up the rear, leadin' and sweepin' at the same time).

Route page. The elevation is probably underestimated, but it's not hilly.

Princeton Freewheeler Club ride. Hope to see youse there.

See the link on the Freewheeler club page.

Edit 8:38pm July 14: Pretty serious rain predictions. Watch this and PFW listing; if I cancel, I will do so by 6:30 am.

Edit 5:12am July 15: Cancelled; too many predictions of thunderstorms. We'll try again. (Maybe I won't get a leader jersey and I'll just go back to sweeping...)

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