Sunday, September 5, 2010

church protest excellence and long fast ride.

First, this pleases me no end:

After 4 years of harassment, Strippers fight back – Protest church

(Opens,of course, in new tab.)

Now, fed up with the tactics of Dunfee and his flock, Foxhole employees are ready to accept the invitation to come to church… Dressed in their Sunday best skimpiness, the Foxhole dancers have started showing up every Sunday to do a little protesting themselves.

I love it. (It seems to me that if the churchgoers really want to get more people in the churches, they should do it by making churchgoing more attractive, not by closing down the competition.)


Tough ride today. 43+ miles at an average speed of 17.62; that's a "B+" ride for the Princeton Freeheelers, It was just about my limit; I kept up (well, actually, I was one of the first ones back), but today was surely enough for a while. It was a windy day, and it seemed that the wind was in our faces about 75% of the time (although I still had a top speed over 34mph). At the stop, I ran into a guy with whom I rode a "B" ride yesterday; he was humorously making the case (persuasive at the time!) that the fast pace was gonna tear me down instead of building me up. I'm taking his advice; at the Labor Day All Paces ride tomorrow, I'm sticking to a "B" pace ride (but yes, I do plan to ride with the Freewheelers three days in a row this holiday weekend).

(And the bike is still shifting unreliably, and the chain rattles on the front derailleur on all but the straightest alignments. Grr.)

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