Friday, September 3, 2010

new cables

I put new cables in the bike in an effort to fix the shifting problems. These were from Velo Orange, and they sell cables in colors for not a lot of cash. The housings shrink, though (the cables have been on less than six hours, and I've already had to tighten the derailleur cables a lot). I don't know yet if I'll buy these cables again. Jagwire cables are 70%-200% more expensive, but the housings don't shrink like these did.

(You'll hear of cables stretching. As I understand it, that's not really what happens; instead, the housings shrink under the continuous pressure of the derailleur spring tension.)

Replacing the cables has not fixed the shifting, though. So new front derailleur, new chainring, new chain, new cables... and the front gears still don't shift properly. I need an engraved invitation and permission from the INS before I can get the chain to go from the large to the middle chainring.

Sigh. That SRAM Rival group is looking better and better.

Tried the Deda bar tape (link goes to Excel Sports Boulder, who has all the colors for a decent price). I like the tape, but I should have gone with Jaguar green instead of Kelly green. (...oy...) If I get the SRAM Rival shifters, they come with SRAM cable, usually in black - so I'll likely have a somber color in the bike's next incarnation.

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