Thursday, September 9, 2010

keepin' up

Rode with a group of the Princeton Freewheelers yesterday, a Wednesday (I have every other Wednesday off). Some of these guys ride together three times each week, which means most of them are retired (and are ten, twenty, or more years older than I). I'm thinkin' I can smoke these guys, so I'll have no problem keepin' up.

Well, I had no problem keeping up, but one of the guys -- an artist, who sets his own hours - smoked me, instead. Taught me some humility.

Another thing that taught me some humility was that two of the men on the ride had heart conditions, and a third had lung cancer. And they're riding anyway.

Great day.

After that, a gazillion chores, and full schedule for the next couple of days. Let's check in with the ride partner to see what he wants to do this weekend.

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